Kosterina Olive Oil.

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taking the guesswork out of shopping for extra virgin olive oil

For generations of Greek families, extra virgin olive oil has been the foundation of mealtime...and mealtime the foundation of family. Now Kosterina Olive Oil is on a mission to make true, premium, extra virgin olive oil a staple in American kitchens. Once you understand the health benefits of this first-rate olive oil, you'll never cook with your supermarket brand again. 


So, Why kosterina?

Koroni, Greece

Koroni, Greece

Kosterina olive oil is of the “Koroneiki” variety, which means the olive trees and seeds originated in Koroni, Greece, the hometown of Katerina’s family. Our olive oil is cold pressed from early harvest olives, which means the olives are collected when green and raw. The higher chlorophyll content in unripe olives makes the oil greener and richer in healthy polyphenols. Early harvest oil is called “agourelio” in Greek. 

Unfortunately many oils that you’ll find in your local supermarkets are marketed as extra virgin but in fact, are actually blends of premium oil with lower quality oil. With Kosterina, we guarantee you are getting nothing but 100% early harvest organic extra virgin oil. 



Say no to butter & Yes to Polyphenols


Did you know that in Greece, each person consumes an average of 17 kg of olive oil per year, but in the United States, we consume less than 1 kg per year? Recent studies have shown us that there are plenty of benefits to the Mediterranean diet: higher life expectancy rates, lower heart health problems, and fewer cases of obesity. Since our olive oil has higher levels of polyphenols (natural antioxidants), it has way more health benefits than your average bottle of extra virgin olive oil. By just swapping butter or vegetable and canola oil for olive oil, you can make your meals much healthier. So make like the Greeks and bring this oil into your daily diet.


"with kosterina, I know I'm giving only the best to my family.

— Anna Francese Gass, Founder of Heirloom Kitchen & Contributor at Food52