Welcome to Day 3 of our 7-Day Mediterranean Challenge! The 3rd day is the charm, right?  Breakfast today is a simple yet satisfying greek yogurt, and lunch is a Kosterina household favorite.  For dinner, we’re making turkey burgers.  And—spoiler alert!  They may be better as leftovers than when fresh! 



I love greek yogurt for breakfast; it really is a versatile base for many sweet and savory creations alike.  This sweet take is so quick to prepare, you’ll have more than enough time to practice making lattes, reading the news, or (let’s be real) scrolling through Instagram.

SS - Roasted Vegetables Medium.jpg

greek dakos salad

Everyone knows and loves traditional Greek salad — fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, oregano and huge chunks of feta cheese — what’s not to love? But our favorite "Greek salad" in the Kosterina household is called Dakos salad. It’s a bread-based salad and is commonly served in southern Greece.

Greek Turkey Burgers Photo 2.jpg

GREEK turkey burgers

Turkey burgers are great for any occasion—plus, you receive that hamburger satisfaction but with less guilt.  They also make excellent leftovers with buns or even just taken to put over a bed of greens for a quick and easy lunch.