The Olive Tree

In ancient Greece, the olive tree was believed to be a gift from the gods. It was sacred and its fruit and oil were known to act as medicine. And despite not having the knowledge of science and technology that we have today — the ancient Greeks were right. Today, the olive tree remains a blessing and its fruit and oil are at the heart of the Greek diet, trade, and culture.

We’re truly just beginning to discover the science behind the amazing healing properties of EVOO — something our grandparents, great-grandparents and countless generations before them just knew instinctively. 


There’s No Disputing the Health Benefits of true Extra Virgin Olive Oil

An essential element of the Mediterranean Diet — a healthy lifestyle favored by the Greeks — extra virgin olive oil is chock-full of heart, brain and beauty boosting properties. There's scientific proof that this diet can help people live longer and healthier lives. The reason extra virgin olive oil is so healthy is the way it’s manufactured. Unlike other oils, there’s no heat or chemical processing involved. It’s made by simply pressing the juice from fresh, high-quality olives, which helps it retain its many nutrients, antioxidants and natural phenols.


Here's Just a Small List of EVOO's Health Benefits*

Extra virgin olive oil can also help lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes, fight obesity, prevent osteoporosis, fight some forms of cancer and more. Studies show Greek olive oil helps maintain body weight and helps stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels.

It’s also a great addition to your beauty routine — use olive oil as a makeup remover, moisturizer, under eye cream, or to condition your hair. Plus, consuming real EVOO also has strong anti-aging benefits. 


the kosterina difference

True extra virgin olive oil is packed with “good fats,” like omega-3s, and is high in polyphenols, a type of natural antioxidant that protects our body’s cells and tissue. In order to be considered extra virgin, olive oil must have a polyphenol content of 55mg/kg. One of the highest classifications we've seen — ultra-premium extra virgin — can be no lower than 130 mg/kg. Kosterina olive oil has 381 mg/kg  that’s nearly triple the health-enabling powers. By replacing butter and vegetable oils with ultra premium extra virgin olive oil, you’re making a better, healthier (and more delicious!) choice for your family.