the kosterina insider community

The Kosterina lifestyle centers on the Mediterranean diet and long family dinners whenever possible. We find our customers naturally become ambassadors for our product, so we like to provide benefits for spreading the word to family and friends.

It's simple:


1) Place your first order

After you place your first order on our site, you'll receive an email with your Insider Code, which can be shared with anyone for 15% off all Kosterina purchases.


2) Share code, Earn points

Share your Insider Code widely and earn EVOO Points. We recommend hosting Kosterina Olive Oil Tasting Parties to showcase the oil for friends and family.


3) redeem for rewards

Redeem your EVOO points for Kosterina rewards, fine dining or save them up for the ultimate reward — a 7-day trip for two to southern Greece!


host an olive oil tasting party


Many of our top ambassadors share the Kosterina experience and share their knowledge about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil through tasting parties. You can find our favorite olive oil based recipes for appetizers and entrees on the Kosterina blog, Once Upon an Olive Tree. Invite your friends over for a cocktail or dinner party and share your Insider Code to earn rewards when they shop.